About Us

We've always loved quality items that help bring our tabletop adventures to life. Initially we made these for ourselves, then in 2020, we decided to form Clockwork Arcana to better share them with others.

Each item is designed and handmade by our small family team in the Cotswolds. We take great pride in our work and each piece is unique. 

We strongly believe that the environment shouldn't bear the costs of our hobbies and take great care to ensure all our materials are sourced from ethical, sustainable sources. Most of our suppliers are based in the UK, to reduce our carbon footprint and support local trades.

Our Logo

Frequently associated with Freemasonry and the alchemical arts, the All-Seeing Eye has its roots in ancient Egypt and the Eye of Horus.

For most, the symbolic meaning of the Eye represents a deity watching over humanity. What better choice to represent the all-watchful gaze of a Dungeon Master?

The addition of clockwork into our logo was inspired by our love for all things Victorian. Consummate craftsmen, they understood that an item can be beautiful as well as functional. They also built to last.

We strive to emulate this philosophy in all of our designs. In an age of mass-produced, disposable items, we hope our products are something you will use and treasure for many years.

Keeping it Clean

Leather is a natural, ecologically-friendly material. Unlike manmade alternatives, it will biodegrade over time, although we don't recommend you bury your leather items!

Most of our leather is produced by Charles F Stead, one of the UK's few remaining tanneries. These hides are vegetable-tanned and dyed using non-toxic dyes. All our leather is sourced from the marvellous A & A Crack & Sons, one of the UK's foremost suppliers of premium leathers.

No animals are sacrificed for our products. Every skin we use is the by-product of food waste and is tanned and dyed under the most stringest environmental controls. In the case of kudu and deer, these animals are regularly culled to control ever-increasing numbers and safeguard their habitat