Where are you based?

We are based in the United Kingdom. 

Do you have a retail outlet?

Currently no, but you can visit our stand at numerous conventions and LARP events around the UK.

Why do some items have a long lead time?

We are a small team who make each leather item by hand. As a result, our production times are slower than larger producers but we believe the results are totally worth it!

Typically, we aim to replenish any Out of Stock items within 3 -4 weeks. We kindly ask for your patience and hope you appreciate our commitment to uniqueness and quality. If you are waiting on a specific item, please drop us a line and we'll let you know when it's back in stock.

Why do you use real leather?

Our decision to use genuine vegetable-tanned hide in our leathergoods was a conscious one, based on many weeks of research.

Real leather is eco-friendly and sustainable. Unlike vegan 'pleather', it biodegrades over time. All our cow and goat hides are by-products of the food industry and would normally end up as waste. Our kudu and deer hides are the result of sanctioned culls. The decline in these animal's natural predators means that their numbers are soaring, which poses a risk to other species as well as their local ecosystem.

If the idea of real leather still doesn't appeal, we offer alternatives made of cork. These cork fabric bags are a durable and beautiful substitute for hide, being both cruelty-free and ecologically-friendly.

Do you offer repairs?

Although we strive to ensure each item is crafted to the highest possible quality, sometimes things break. We believe that you, the customer, always come first, and offer free repairs during the product's lifetime.

Do you make custom items?

When designing our range, we try to provide options for every character archetype. Whether you're a battle-scarred soldier or scholar within the king's court, we hope one of our items appeals.

If not and there's an item you'd like to see in a different colour, style or size, feel free to drop us a line. Our range is always expanding and we value your feedback!

How do I care for my items?

All our leather items are made from vegetable-tanned leather that is designed to soften and age over time. Scratches and scuffs are a normal result of this process and provide a unique character.

Should you choose to remove them, simply rub the area in a circulation motion with a soft cloth. To remove dirt, repeat this process with a slightly damp cloth.

Although leather is durable, we recommend you avoid getting it too wet, or leaving it in direct sunlight. An occasional application of leather wax will ensure your bag remains beautiful for many years to come.

For items made of cork, the procedure is similar. Cork is naturally stain-resistant and anti-bacterial. A bit of soapy water on a cloth should remove any stains and again, allow your item to dry naturally in the shade. No tumble-dryers or ovens, please!